Fees for Services


Parrott & Associates, CPA charges fees based on several factors including time involved to complete and level of complexity.  Generally, expect to pay $100 per hour for our CPA’s time.  Work requiring less expertise and basic administrative work will be billed at rates as low as $35 per hour.  Existing clients can expect to pay for less time because they have already been set up in our accounting, tax and depreciation systems.  New clients require more time for set up.  During tax season, a half hour meeting with a CPA is complementary, but additional time will be billed at $100 per hour.  All new clients are given a half hour complementary meeting with a CPA.  Below is an estimate of fees for our services.

Payroll Services

We offer a cafeteria-style payroll service menu, where you only pay for the services you need and you do the rest.  Therefore, if you feel competent to calculate and prepare your own payroll checks and make payroll deposits, but you need Parrott & Associates to prepare your quarterly and annual payroll reports, we can offer a competitive monthly or quarterly fee just for those services based on number of employees and payroll frequency.   Our payroll rate is generally from $35 to $45 per hour.

Method of payments

We accept cash, check and major credit cards.  A service charge is added for payments made by credit card.


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