10 Random Things That Are #MoreSuccessfulThanObamacare


10 Random Things That Are #MoreSuccessfulThanObamacare

Taxpayers spent $634,320,919 for a contractor to build the glitch-prone HealthCare.gov website only to watch it become a colossal failure (much like the rest of Obamacare).

Yesterday, we poked fun with a parody video. Today, Twitter erupted with it’s own mocking of the President’s health-care law. The hashtag #MoreSuccessfulThanObamacare began trending this afternoon with people explaining what they thought was more successful than Obamacare.

Here are a few of the highlights:

#MoreSuccessfulThanObamacare The XFL pic.twitter.com/43vYh0lja3

— GenOpportunity (@GenOpportunity) October 10, 2013

#MoreSuccessfulThanObamaCare – Inhofe’s heart surgery. Up & working more quickly than ObamaCare website after needing fix. — Inhofe Press Office (@InhofePress) October 10, 2013

#MoreSuccessfulThanObamacare This guy. —> pic.twitter.com/z1lNfKUajG — Ken Gardner (@kesgardner) October 10, 2013

#MoreSuccessfulThanObamacare Ryan Leaf #tcot pic.twitter.com/LxwWxHrZLF — Micah Witherspoon (@MAWitherspoonJr) October 10, 2013

#MoreSuccessfulThanObamacare stairs… leading nowhere… #tcot pic.twitter.com/RmDnKuSxx1 — atomiktiger (@atomiktiger) October 10, 2013

New Coke #MoreSuccessfulThanObamacare — Sam Valley (@SamValley) October 10, 2013

#MoreSuccessfulThanObamacare Shaq at the freethrow line

— Josh Behm (@JoshBehm) October 10, 2013

#MoreSuccessfulThanObamacare Taylor Swift’s relationships

— DirectionerForever:) (@_Directioner74_) October 10, 2013

#MoreSuccessfulThanObamacare The Delorean

— KBB (@keil_) October 10, 2013

Pierce Morgan’s debate performance against @benshapiro #MoreSuccessfulThanObamacare #tcot #UniteBlue

— Juan Ramirez (@qb_ramirez) October 10, 2013

These are obviously in good fun, but the fact remains that Obamacare is unfair, unaffordable, and unworkable. It needs to be defunded.

*We apologize for any fans of sports teams mentioned that we may have offended.

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