The IRS and my letter to God God,

If I am to "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's," would you mind helping Caesar get on board with the 21st century? To start with, I would request that they do away with fax machines and consider using these nifty little things we've got down here called pdf's and email. That would save me a lot of time I could be spending helping your kids with other things instead of on hold at the IRS Practicioner hotline. Also, God, I know we need jobs and all that, but data entry is something I did 20+ years ago to get through college. Perhaps you could introduce them to a process that would help them identify the CLEARLY marked statement attached to the return I filed that the data entry person missed.

I know, I know. This is one of those things you keep telling me I need to learn to accept in order to keep my serenity…but just so you know, I'm filing it my folder labeled "Questions for God/If I ruled the world," along with that gripe I have about mosquitoes.

Thank you for your time, God.

Love you,

Rebecca Parrott Tatum, CPA


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Parrott & Associates, Certified Public Accountants Specializing In Business & Individual Taxes, Accounting & Payroll Located in Cumming, Georgia
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